Zombies, with an Egyptian twist.

Review of The Reburialists

By J.C. Nelson

for Ace/Roc Allstars


I don’t normally read this type of book. That said, I did enjoy it. It was a roller coaster of a novel, dragging us along with our heroes Brynner Carson and Grace Roberts. Along the way they leave a landscape littered with the bodies of the reanimated, who they learn to dispatch with aplomb.

Brynner Carson grew up in the shadow of his father, Heinreich, who was a fighter and researcher against the scourge that infests this version of the Earth. For four thousand centuries the legions of Egyptian flavored undead have been controlled by a mysterious force that causes bodies to rise from recent graves to attack humans for it’s own reasons. This fight is coming to a crucial nexus with the coming together of these two strong willed and beautiful people. Grace is a highly intelligent translator brought in by the BSI, the organization that makes it’s mission the eradication of the creatures who torment the living. Grace has secrets that make her actions sometimes hard for Brynner to understand.

Brynner is the man who has made his life’s mission align with the organization that pays him to do what he would do without pay. Grace needs the higher pay she’s getting to translate Brynner’s father’s diaries to find a secret that can help them in their fight. They are strongly attracted to each other, but with the end of civilization as we know it at hand, they must ignore their lust and get to business. They are both being manipulated by their boss, Director Bismuth, who has her own idea how the mission should be accomplished, and will use anyone and anything to get things done.

Several times I thought I knew who the real villain was, and it was not who I thought. There is real emotion here, we know their motivation and it is noble. J. C. Nelson knows how to build suspense and build a credible world with incredible beings in it. I believed that this could happen while I was reading it. I raced though the book in a day.

In conclusion, if you enjoy action and a world full of “zombies”, a little sex and a grand story, you will like this book.

I received this book for free in return for writing a review.

I finished this book on March 6, 2016


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