This Gem In My Hand (Streetlights Like Fireworks Book 4)

Jack and Lauren Go Home.

The 4th book in the Streetlights Like Fireworks series is a personal journey for our psychic pair, as they return home from Seattle to Richmond in a two week visit to family. They are swept up in a mystery from the past, when Lauren feels compelled to buy a toaster oven from a thrift store that has a ghost attached. Like the previous books, Jack and Lauren are sensitive to people who haven’t moved on. This manifests in different ways: visual and dreams. In the last book, they were warned about a dark house and this seems to be pointing towards the future bed and breakfast the toaster oven (purchased by the thrift store in a garage sale) came from. The house belonged to a family that had tragedy in it’s past. Love lost and found, and class barriers are a theme this time. The ghosts, a former friend of Lauren’s who never forgot her kindness in middle school, Jack and Lauren’s love for each other, and Jack’s sister Caitlen (his adoption and acceptance by his adoptive parents is still a stressful part of his relationship with his family), who is struggling with growing up and being open with her parents, are the main arcs of the story to be resolved.

Lauren’s old friend, Tyler, is part of a team of psychic investigators who are overjoyed to have their help in filming occurrences in the old house, which nightly slams doors, moves objects, and even speaks to sensitive people. There is a malevolent presence in a bedroom on the second floor that would keep the business from being a success. It’s ok to hear noises and see things out of the corner of your eye, but a heavy spirit that makes people unhappy and cold isn’t welcome.

I always enjoy the Streetlights Like Fireworks books, but this one particularly spoke to me. David Pandolfe’s dialog again shines as a clear voice of this age. People who are in their 20’s will particularly enjoy these books, but they are not just for them. Another hit for Pandolfe.

I received this ebook in return for my review.


Finished March 6. 2016


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