Inherit The Stars By Tony Peak


An old fashioned space drama with mystic elements. Kivita Narbas had always wanted to salvage like her father. He left her his ship, the Terredyn Narbas, against the Inheritor laws forbidding the passing down of technology. She grew up on Haldon Prime waiting for her father between his trips salvaging space junk. She never knew her mother. Now that he was gone, it was her turn to make her way in the cold dark vacuum that was Space. She spent most of her time in a cryo chamber, aging slowly while those left behind on the planets she visited aged and forgot her.
Her one lost love was Sar Redryll. A fellow salvager, she had separated from him to her regret. A salvager couldn’t have emotional attachments and survive. Now the head of the Inheritor religion, Rector Dunaar, has contracted Kivita to retrieve the Juxj Star, a gem that held a vast amount of data and was coveted by pirates and governments alike. Only Kivita could remove the gem from its hiding place. And was Sar hired to keep her from her mission?
This is a rip roaring novel of intrigue and weaponry that soars across light years to a satisfying conclusion. Our heroine doubts herself many times. Will she prevail? Read it and see!

I received an advanced copy in return for a review.