Night Shift by Charlaine Harris


Something is wrong in Midnight, Texas. Not the usual things, the pale man who only comes out at night, the famous psychic, the Rev, who only dresses in black and has an animal cemetery at his church. Something bad is happening and no one can seem to stop it. People are showing up at the crossroads and committing suicide. If the group of people who have become a family to each other don’t stop them, the world will have something to worry about too.

Charlaine Harris’s latest book about the town of Midnight is about danger, mystery, and family. Fiji, the resident witch, is not very happy to find her sister on her doorstep. Kiki (short for Waikiki, their parents having a thing for tropical paradise) has left her husband and rather than go home to stay with their mother, has decided to inflict her annoying self on Fiji. Fiji’s great-aunt Mildred had left her the house her shop was in and Kiki had always been jealous. In fact, Kiki always wanted what Fiji had, and since arriving in town was sniffing around all the eligible males in sight.

In the meantime, Olivia was worried her father had finally found her. She suspected Teacher, the local handyman, and would be taking steps to confirm her suspicions. It’s just that they needed to pull together as a town and figure out why everyone was literally dying to be there at the crossroads in the middle of Nowhere, Texas. In my last review for this series, I suspected there would be a greater role for Teacher and Madonna Reed. I wasn’t wrong.

I loved this latest novel by Charlaine Harris, who isn’t having a problem moving on from the Sookie Stackhouse books. Some authors never rise above their first great triumphs, but Ms. Harris is doing just fine, thank you very much. There is talk of a TV movie for this series also.

I received an ebook from Ace/Roc for my unbiased review.


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