Alice in Wonderland as a horror story.


by Christina Henry

We begin in a mental hospital, where Alice is alone, save for her next door neighbor, who she only sees through a small hole in the wall. Hatcher, so named because he killed using an ax, has been the only voice she hears for years. There is a fire and they escape.

Thus begins an adventure where Alice seeks to find the perpetrator of her downfall, Rabbit. Rabbit left her with a scar across half her face, but he did not escape the encounter with Alice unscathed. Along the way she meets the traditional but enhanced characters Cheshire, Caterpillar, Walrus, and Jabberwock. In this extended version of the Alice in Wonderland story, the bad guys are like gang bosses, controlling parts of The New City. The action starts after Alice’s adventures down the rabbit hole are over. The traditional elements of the Alice tale, including roses, food stuffs that change your size, talking animals and such, are twisted into a unique story that sails along after a slow start. There is quite a lot of violence and blood, what with a character who favors an ax, but it is not too much to handle.

There is enough story left at the end that I am expecting a sequel. I am looking forward to hearing Hatcher’s story in the next volume.

I received an advance copy for review.

I read this in August, 2015



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