Distance: Streetlights Like Fireworks book 3 By David Pandolfe


This time it’s not all about them!!! Lauren and Jack are young adults just beginning college. They were brought together for a journey of discovery to find Jack’s birth parents and Lauren’s brother. Beginning with the first two books in the series they are guided by their unique psychic powers. They get flashes of insight when holding objects that belonged to someone, and dreams that compel them to act.

This time, Lauren sees a little girl trailing fire from her hands and Jack sees a teenager in a hoodie with a haunted face. They don’t recognize either one or their connection to them. This time there is a sense of danger, and their police contacts tell them that a girl, Tamara Watts, is missing after her mother died, running away from her unhinged step-father.
Will they find her in time to save her from the dread they sense for her? Sometimes being psychic isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I’m glad David Pandolfe has continued his stories about Jack and Lauren. I wondered if their journey would continue when their personal story resolved and I’m happy to say Pandolfe has just the right tone for their continued story. Their dialogs are always natural and unforced; the setting is present day, with musical references and technology mentions that place you firmly in the here and now.

I received an advance copy of the e-book for my unbiased review.


i read this book in October 2015


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